Imran Nazir Emon

I am a Computer Science and Engineering graduate from the esteemed University of Asia Pacific, possessing a high level of confidence in my abilities. Currently serving as a Software Engineer at Eigooo Inc. in Tokyo, Japan, I excel in project management utilizing agile methodologies and specialize in back-end development. My expertise is complemented by exceptional technical skills and an unwavering determination, fostering confidence in my capacity to consistently deliver outstanding results for any project I undertake.


SSC - Dhanghara High School

I am pleased to inform you that I have successfully completed my Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination from Dhanghara High School with a high score. The SSC examination is a crucial milestone in every student's life as it marks the completion of their secondary education. I am proud to say that I performed exceptionally well in this examination, and my hard work and dedication paid off. I am grateful to my teachers and parents who supported me throughout my academic journey.

B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering, UAP

I am excited to share that I have recently completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the renowned University of Asia Pacific. During my time at the university, I gained an in-depth understanding of various engineering concepts and their practical applications through rigorous coursework and hands-on projects. I am grateful for the opportunities that the university provided me to enhance my knowledge and skills in this field. Overall, it was a challenging and rewarding experience that helped me grow both personally and professionally.


Software Engineer@Eigooo Inc

The following are the tasks that we need to accomplish with confidence in order to design and develop software architecture and flow diagrams using We shall collaborate with the team in order to create and maintain comprehensive project specifications, track project progress, and document project activities using Notion. We shall develop APIs that will enable efficient data exchange between the server and client application, ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience. Utilizing Jira for project management, roadmap development, and workflow tracking, we shall make sure that project timelines are met and deadlines are managed effectively. By employing overflow technology, we shall ensure a smooth and efficient project flow. Moreover, we shall identify areas for improvement and optimization to enhance our performance. Conducting extensive research and development on products and technologies will keep us up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements. Collaborating with the team to design and develop database schema and ER diagrams, we shall ensure a structured and organized approach to data management. Finally, we shall write clean, efficient, and maintainable code for backend development, utilizing best practices and following established coding standards with confidence.


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About Me

I take immense pride in possessing a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the esteemed University of Asia Pacific. Presently, I am actively engaged as a Software Engineer at Eigooo Inc. in Tokyo, with a primary focus on backend development. Allow me to introduce myself - Imran. My journey in the realm of software engineering has been marked by a profound passion, a passion that is reflected in my past roles as a lecturer and researcher. Renowned for my commitment to creating sustainable solutions with enduring capabilities, I am dedicated to producing work that stands the test of time. Thriving on challenging endeavors, I derive great satisfaction from pushing the boundaries of technology to unprecedented heights.

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